IDSS Main Screen

How To Use

The IDSS main screen will be displayed at the start of every Isuzu Diagnostic Service System (IDSS) session. The main screen consists of the following:


From the main screen, the user can perform the following:





Version Information

image065.jpgClicking the Help icon, then selecting “About” from the drop-down menu will open a window containing the current Software and Firmware versions, Release Date, Dealer Code and Registration Code.



Select Engine

To load information for a specific vehicle, perform one of the following:



NOTE: In order to acquire information from the ECM, the device must be connected to an ECM for the Request Serial Number to function.



Once the Load Engine, Find Engine or Request Serial Number button has been selected, a new window will open with the Table of Contents on the left and an active toolbar on the top.


You can access the following service information which supports the selected engine type.  You can also use each function listed below:

•  Service Information

•  Diagnostics

•  Programming

•  Utility Functions

Caution:  When you access all the service information and each function, make sure you access the correct engine information (engine type and serial number).  If you access with the incorrect engine information, it will not function properly.  In addition, when the engine information (engine type and serial number) do not yield the search results, you can access that from "Select Engine," on the left side of the screen.