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Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator - Small (-PC90) description of the catalogue:

The electronic catalogue Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator - Small (-PC90) is delivered on 1 DVD, supplied with the program of search of a detail under number and the name. A computer suffices for use of the electronic catalogue Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator - Small (-PC90) from Pentium-133.

Komatsu Japan Hydraulic Excavator - Small(-PC90)
pc01-1ac - PC01-1 S/N 10001-UP
pc02-1ac - PC02-1 S/N 10001-UP
pc03-1c - PC03-1 S/N 1001-UP
pc03-2-c - PC03-2 S/N 15001-UP (For EU)
pc03-21c - PC03-2 S/N 15001-UP (For FKI)
pc03-20c - PC03-2 S/N 15001-UP (For U.S.A.)
pc05-1c - PC05-1 S/N 1001-UP
pc05-5c - PC05-5 S/N 2501-UP
pc05-6c - PC05-6 S/N 5001-UP
pc05-7c - PC05-7 S/N 8001-UP
pc09-1ac - PC09-1 S/N 10001-UP (KUC Spec.)
pc09-1fc - PC09-1 S/N 10001-UP (KUD Spec. TIER 2 Eng. Installed)
pc09-1ec - PC09-1 S/N 10001-UP (KUE Spec. TIER 2 Eng. Installed)
pc09-1bc - PC09-1 S/N 10001-UP (KUE Spec.)
pc09-1-c - PC09-1 S/N 10001-UP (Overseas Version)
pc09-1cc - PC09-1 S/N 10001-UP (TIER 2 Eng. Installed)
pc10-1c - PC10-1 S/N 3501-UP
pc10-3c - PC10-3 S/N 5501-UP
pc10-6c - PC10-6 S/N 20001-UP
pc10-7c - PC10-7 S/N 25001-UP
pc12r-8c - PC12R-8 S/N 10001-UP
pc12uu-c - PC12UU-1 S/N 1001-UP
pc15-2c - PC15-2 S/N 2001-UP (6-Way Control)
pc15-2ac - PC15-2A S/N 2001-UP
pc15-3c - PC15-3 S/N 5001-UP
pc15mrxc - PC15MRX-1 S/N 10001-UP
pc15r-8c - PC15R-8 S/N 10001-UP
pc18mr-c - PC18MR-2 S/N 15001-UP
0000268c - PC18MR-3 S/N 20001-UP
0000186c - PC18MR-3 S/N 20001-UP (EU Spec.)
0000131c - PC18MR-3 S/N 20001-UP (North America Spec.)
pc20-3c - PC20-3 S/N 14001-UP
pc20-5c - PC20-5 S/N 18001-UP
pc20-6c - PC20-6 S/N 24001-UP
pc20-7c - PC20-7 S/N 35001-UP
pc20mr-c - PC20MR-1 S/N 10001-UP (KUC Spec.)
pc20mr1c - PC20MR-2 S/N 15001-UP (Cab Spec.)
pc20mr0c - PC20MR-2 S/N 15001-UP (Canopy Spec.)
0000540c - PC20MR-3 S/N 20001-UP
pc20mrxc - PC20MRX-1 S/N 10001-UP (KUE Spec.)
pc20r-8c - PC20R-8 S/N 10001-UP
pc25-1c - PC25-1 S/N 1001-UP
pc25r-8c - PC25R-8 S/N 10001-UP
pc27mr1c - PC27MR-2 S/N 15001-UP (Cab Spec.)
pc27mr0c - PC27MR-2 S/N 15001-UP (Canopy Spec.)
pc27mr3c - PC27MR-3 S/N 20002-20508 (Cab Spec.)
pc27mr2c - PC27MR-3 S/N 20002-20508 (Canopy Spec.)
pc27mr5c - "PC27MR-3 S/N 20002-20508 (For N.America - Cab spec.)"
pc27mr4c - "PC27MR-3 S/N 20002-20508 (For N.America - Canopy spec.)"
0000467c - PC27MR-3 S/N 20509-UP
0000468c - PC27MR-3 S/N 20509-UP (North America Spec.)
pc27mrxc - PC27MRX-1 S/N 10001-UP
pc27r-8c - PC27R-8 S/N 10001-UP
pc28uu0c - PC28UU-1 S/N 1001-UP
pc28uu-c - PC28UU-2 S/N 7001-UP
pc30-1c - PC30-1 S/N 1001-UP
pc30-3c - PC30-3 S/N 2601-UP
pc30-5c - PC30-5 S/N 6001-UP
pc30-6c - PC30-6 S/N 10001-UP
pc30-7c - PC30-7 S/N 18001-UP
pc30mr-c - PC30MR-1 S/N 10001-UP (KUC Spec.)
pc30mr1c - PC30MR-2 S/N 20001-UP (Cab Spec.)
pc30mr0c - PC30MR-2 S/N 20001-UP (Canopy Spec.)
pc30mr3c - PC30MR-3 S/N 30001-32724 (Cab Spec.)
pc30mr2c - PC30MR-3 S/N 30001-32724 (Canopy Spec.)
0000465c - PC30MR-3 S/N 32725-UP
0000466c - PC30MR-3 S/N 32725-UP (EU Spec.)
pc30mrxc - PC30MRX-1 S/N 10001-UP (KUE Spec.)
pc30r-8c - PC30R-8 S/N 10001-UP
pc35mr1c - PC35MR-2 S/N 5001-UP (Cab Spec.)
pc35mr0c - PC35MR-2 S/N 5001-UP (Canopy Spec.)
pc35mr4c - PC35MR-2 S/N 5001-UP (FOR CAB)
pc35mr3c - PC35MR-2 S/N 5001-UP (FOR CANOPY)
pc35mr2c - PC35MR-2 S/N 5001-UP (For High Altitude)
pc35mr8c - PC35MR-3 S/N 15001-16594 (Cab Spec.)
pc35mr7c - PC35MR-3 S/N 15001-16594 (Canopy Spec.)
pc35mr6c - "PC35MR-3 S/N 15001-16594 (For N.America - Cab spec.)"
pc35mr5c - "PC35MR-3 S/N 15001-16594 (For N.America - Canopy spec.)"
0000460c - PC35MR-3 S/N 16595-UP
0000461c - PC35MR-3 S/N 16595-UP (EU Spec.)
0000462c - PC35MR-3 S/N 16595-UP (North America Spec.)
pc35mrxc - PC35MRX-1A S/N 1001-UP
pc35r-8c - PC35R-8 S/N 35001-UP
pc38uu0c - PC38UU-1 S/N 1001-UP
pc38uu-c - PC38UU-2 S/N 3001-UP
pc40-1c - PC40-1 S/N 3501-UP
pc40-2c - PC40-2 S/N 4501-UP
pc40-3c - PC40-3 S/N 6001-UP
pc40-5c - PC40-5 S/N 8501-UP
pc40-6c - PC40-6 S/N 10001-UP
pc40-7c - PC40-7 S/N 18001-UP
pc40mr-c - PC40MR-1 S/N 1001-UP
pc40mr1c - PC40MR-2 S/N 8001-UP (For Australia)
pc40mr2c - PC40MR-2 S/N 8001-UP (For North America)
pc40mr3c - PC40MR-2 S/N 8001-UP (Oversea Spec.)
pc40mr0c - PC40MRX-1 S/N 1001-UP (For EU)
pc40mrxc - PC40MRX-1 S/N 1001-UP (For North America)
pc40r-8c - PC40R-8 S/N 30001-UP
pc45-1c - PC45-1 S/N 1001-UP
0000542c - PC45MR-3 S/N 5001-UP
0000170c - PC45MR-3 S/N 5001-UP (EU Spec.)
0000125c - PC45MR-3 S/N 5001-UP (North America Spec.)
pc45mr0c - PC45MRX-1 S/N 1001-UP (For EU)
pc45mrxc - PC45MRX-1 S/N 1001-UP (For North America)
pc45r-8c - PC45R-8 S/N 5001-UP
pc50mr0c - PC50MR-2 S/N 5001-UP (For Australia)
pc50mr1c - PC50MR-2 S/N 5001-UP (For EU)
pc50mr3c - PC50MR-2 S/N 5001-UP (For High Altitude)
pc50mr-c - PC50MR-2 S/N 5001-UP (For North America)
pc50mr2c - PC50MR-2 S/N 5001-UP (Oversea Spec.)
pc50uu0c - PC50UU-1 S/N 1001-UP
pc50uu-c - PC50UU-2 S/N 10835-UP (For EU)
pc50uu1c - PC50UU-2 S/N 8001-UP
0000541c - PC55MR-3 S/N 15001-UP
0000222c - PC55MR-3 S/N 15001-UP (EU Spec.)
0000185c - PC55MR-3 S/N 15001-UP (North America Spec.)
pc58uu-c - PC58UU-3 S/N 20001-UP (For North America)
pc60-3c - PC60-3 S/N 18001-UP
pc60-5c - PC60-5 S/N 20501-UP
pc60-6c - PC60-6 S/N 28001-UP
pc60-6cc - PC60-6C S/N 28001-UP (Custom Spec.)
pc60-7c - PC60-7 S/N 45001-UP
pc60-71c - PC60-7 S/N 45001-UP (For China)
pc60-7-c - PC60-7 S/N 45001-UP (With Front Blade Spec.)
pc60l-5c - PC60L-5 S/N 7501-UP
pc60l-6c - PC60L-6 S/N 8001-UP
pc60u-3c - PC60U-3 S/N 3801-UP
pc60u-5c - PC60U-5 S/N 4501-UP
pc70-6c - PC70-6 S/N 34101-UP
pc75uu-c - PC75UU-1 S/N 1001-UP
pc75uu0c - PC75UU-2 S/N 5001-UP
pc75uu1c - PC75UU-3 S/N 15001-UP
pc78mr0c - PC78MR-6 S/N 1001-UP (For EU)
pc78mr-c - PC78MR-6 S/N 1001-UP (For North America)
pc78us0c - PC78US-5 S/N 1001-UP (For North America)
pc78us-c - PC78US-6 S/N 4001-UP (For North America)
pc78us1c - PC78US-6 S/N 4001-UP (For Norway)
pc78us2c - PC78US-6 S/N 4001-UP (Overseas Version)
0000190c - PC78US-8 S/N 15001-UP
0000191c - PC78US-8 S/N 15001-UP (EU Spec.)
0000192c - PC78US-8 S/N 15001-UP (North America Spec.)
pc78uu-c - PC78UU-6 S/N 22001-UP
0000272c - PC78UU-8 S/N 15001-UP
pc80-1c - PC80-1 S/N 1001-UP
pc80-3c - PC80-3 S/N 2001-UP
pc80lc-c - PC80LC-3 S/N 2001-UP
0000134c - PC88MR-8 S/N 5001-UP
0000135c - PC88MR-8 S/N 5001-UP (EU Spec.)
0000136c - PC88MR-8 S/N 5001-UP (North America Spec.)
pc90-1c - PC90-1 S/N 1001-UP
pw05-1c - PW05-1 S/N 1001-UP
pw20-1c - PW20-1 S/N 1001-UP
pw30-1c - PW30-1 S/N 1001-UP
pw60-1c - PW60-1 S/N 1501-UP
pw60-3c - PW60-3 S/N 2001-UP

Komatsu Japan Engine
3D67E-2A S/N 8A0357-UP (For PC18MR-3)
SAA4D95LE-5E S/N 502711-UP (For PC88MR-8)
4D88E-6 S/N 14803-UP (For PC45MR-3/PC55MR-3)
SAA4D95LE-5G S/N 504574-UP (For PC78US-8)
1D75-1A S/N 00100-UP
1D75-1B S/N 00100-UP
1D84-1A S/N 00101-UP
1D84-1B S/N 00101-UP
1D84-1C S/N 00101-UP
2D68E-3A S/N 00101-UP
2D68E-N3CB S/N N00101-UP
2D70E-5S-BA S/N 00101-UP
2D94-2N S/N 27562-UP
3D67E-1A-5A S/N 5A6263-UP
3D68E-3G S/N 03402-UP
3D68E-3H S/N 03402-UP
3D68E-3K S/N 03402-UP
3D68E-3B S/N 00101-UP
3D72-1 S/N 01001-UP
3D72-2GA S/N 07992-UP
3D72-2BA S/N 04528-UP
3D72-2B S/N 00101-UP
3D72-2C S/N 01210-UP
3D72-2F S/N 02519-UP
3D72-2G S/N 02519-UP
3D74E-3C S/N 01327-UP
3D74E-N3A S/N 00102-UP
3D74E-3A S/N 00101-UP
3D74E-N3AB S/N 00102-UP
3D75-1A S/N 01001-UP
3D75-2D S/N 03044-UP
3D76E-5N-BA S/N 00101-UP
3D78-1D S/N 01589-UP
3D78-1E S/N 02853-UP
3D78-1F S/N 01589-UP
3D78N-1B S/N 00188-UP
3D82AE-3E S/N 04840-UP
3D82AE-3F S/N 04840-UP
3D82AE-3D S/N 00101-UP
3D82AE-3HC S/N 04840-UP
3D82AE-5P-CB S/N 00246-UP
3D82AE-5M-BA S/N 00246-UP
3D82AE-6BM-DA S/N 04634-UP
3D82E-3B S/N 00101-UP
3D82E-3A S/N 00101-UP
3D84-1F S/N 13021-UP
3D84-1G S/N 13022-UP
3D84-1GA-U S/N 25919-UP
3D84-1A S/N 01001-UP
3D84-1B S/N 01001-UP
3D84-1FA S/N 25916-UP
3D84-1GA S/N 25919-UP
3D84-1H S/N 18873-UP
3D84-1J S/N 18873-UP
3D84-2A S/N 00103-UP
3D84-2D S/N 00292-UP
3D84-2E S/N 00292-UP
3D84-2GA S/N 00292-UP
3D84E-3B S/N 00292-UP
3D84E-3C S/N 00292-UP
3D84E-3F S/N 05993-UP
3D84E-3A S/N 00292-UP
3D84E-3K S/N 05993-UP
3D84E-3LN S/N 05993-UP
3D84E-5N-BA S/N 00101-UP
3D84N-2H S/N 03157-UP
3D84N-2K S/N 03157-UP
3D84N-2FA S/N 17493-UP
3D88E-5P-BA S/N 00101-UP
3D88E-6BP-DA S/N 06564-UP
3D94-2A S/N 10001-UP
3D95S-W-1D S/N 12209-UP
3D95S-W-1E S/N 13618-UP
3D95S-W-1C S/N 10467-UP
4D102E-1B-1 S/N 26200163-UP
4D102E-1C-1C S/N 26200163-UP
4D105-5K S/N 150001-UP
4D84-2A S/N 00000-UP
4D84-2B S/N 00000-UP
4D84-2GA S/N 04595-UP
4D84E-3C S/N 00000-UP
4D84E-3D S/N 03508-UP
4D84E-3E S/N 03508-UP
4D84E-3B S/N 00000-UP
4D88E-3C S/N 00101-UP
4D88E-3GB S/N 00101-UP
4D88E-3B S/N 00101-UP
4D88E-3H S/N 00101-UP
4D88E-5X-AC S/N 00101-UP
4D88E-5X-BC S/N 00101-UP
4D94-2D S/N 10314-UP
4D94LE-2Z-AD S/N 00101-UP (Canopy Spec.)
4D94LE-2Z-AE S/N 00101-UP (Cab Spec.)
4D95L-1GG-W S/N 131803-UP
4D95L-1GG-BW S/N 131803-UP
4D95L-1AA-7 S/N 49965-UP
4D95L-1C S/N 10001-UP
4D95L-1AA S/N 49965-UP
4D95L-1BB S/N 49965-UP
4D95L-1CC S/N 49965-UP
4D95L-1FF S/N 131803-UP
4D95L-1K S/N 15548-UP
4D95L-1Z S/N 41633-UP
4D95L-1G S/N 16084-UP
4D95L-1L S/N 15941-UP
4D95LE-2B S/N 100005-UP
4D95LE-2A S/N 100005-UP
4D95LE-2C S/N 100005-UP
GX160K1-SKM-1 S/N 2087000-UP
S3D84E-5P-BA S/N 05382-UP
S4D84E-5P-BA S/N 00101-UP
S4D95L-1K-C S/N 135080-UP
S4D95LE-3A-2A S/N 100001-UP
S4D95LE-3A-2 S/N 100001-UP


150 USD



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Conflict Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator - Small (-PC90) with other catalogues:

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 Region:   Japan
 Languages:  English
 OS:  VISTA, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win98, Windows 8/10 x32/x64, WinJapan, WinNT, WinXP
 Quantity of CD:  1 DVD
 Data of update:  1/2022
 Price:  150 USD

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