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Clark Service Manual 2014 description of the catalogue:


*NOTE 1: These files have been compressed to make them compatible with Internet use. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or newer to view these files. The Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free from

Service Manuals (SM);

Manual #
CTX40/70 CTX470 SM-849
OSX15 OSX15 SM-844
C40/45/50s/55s P455 SM-810
GEX/GTX 16-20s GEX162 and GTX162 SM-795
CQ 20/25/30 D/L CQ230 SM-794
PWX30/40 - HWX30/40 HWX/PWX570 SM-781
GEX 20-30 GEX230 SM-765
C60-80 P680 SM-751
EWP45 EWP45 SM-719
ESX12-25 ESX250 SM-718
ECX 20-32 & EPX 20-32 ECX / EPX360 SM-717
TMX 12-25 & EPX 16-20s TMX250 / EPX162 SM-715
OP15X OP15X SM-714
CMP 50-75s CMP570 "2004 Compliant" SM-713
CMP 40-50s CMP450 "2004 Compliant" SM-712
CMP 20-30 CMP230 "2004 Compliant" SM-711
CMP 15-20s CMP158 "2004 Compliant" SM-710
Gen2 C15(C)-35(C) C152/P152/C232/P232 "2004 & 2010 Compliant" SM-709
CMP 40-50s CMP450 SM-704
WP45 WP45 SM-698
CMP 50-75s CMP570 SM-690
CMP 20-30 CMP230 SM-688
CMP15-20s CMC15-20s CMP158 & CMC158 SM-687
ECG/EPG 20-32 ECG358 & EPG358 SM-677
Gen2 C15(C)-35(C) C152/P152/C232/P232 SM-661
CMP 50-70 CMP570 SM-649
CMP 40-50s CMP450 SM-648
EC500 90-120 E912 SM-646
PWD/HWD 25-36 HWD/PWD567 SM-643
CMP15-18 & CMP 20-30 CMP158 & CMP230 SM-638
CDP 100-164 P1016 SM-622
GCS 12-17s G127 SM-619
TMG 12-25 TMG248 SM-616
ECG 20-32 ECG358 SM-615
PWC30 & PWT7 PWC30 & PWT7 SM-614
NOS15 NOS15 SM-613
CGC/CGP 40-70 CGC470 & CGP465 SM-612
WP40 WP40 SM-611
GT30-60E GAS GT (E) SM-607G
GT30-60E Diesel DT (E) SM-607D
GPX 35-50E GPX715 SM-606
EC500 60-80 E685 SM-604
Genesis CGC/CGP 23-30 Shop Manual C365/P365 SM-598S
ESMII 12-25 ESM247 SM-596
GPX/DPX 30-55 GPX710U SM-593
GPH/DPH 50-75 & Y110 - Y165 Y1065 SM-591
NPR 17-20 NPR345 SM-587
ECS 17-30 E357 SM-581
C500 Y950CH Y950 SM-580
PT 5/7 & PTT 5/7 PT 5/7 & PTT 5/7 SM-577
OP15B OP15B (EV100 & LXT Supplement) SM-576
Y180-350 Y2235 SM-575
PWD/HWD 25-36 PWD565/566 & HWD565/566 SM-568
OP15 OP15 (EV100 L1) SM-566
WP40 WP40 SM-560
ESM 12-25 ESM245 (EV100 & LXT Supplement) SM-556
TM 12-25 TM247 (EV100 & LXT Supplement) SM-555
OP7 OP7 (EV1) SM-549
ECS 17-30 E357 STD (EV100 & LXT Supplement) SM-548
GCS 12-17s G127 SM-547 - Use SM-619
PTT 5/7 PTT 5/7 (EV1) SM-545
NP300/NS300 NP246 / NS246 SM-538
NP 15-20 NP15-20 SM-535
GCS / GPS Standard G138 / GP138 SM-520R

Sequence of Operation Manuals
Square D Truck Pac 200 NP300 & NP500
GE C-185 Model 200 Control
GE 210 Control
C80 Control
ER EC250 Control
GE EV10 SCR Maintenance & Troubleshooting
GE EV1 Control
GE EV100S Control

Cableform Control for TM145 Lot 4801 and Above Sequence E5107
Cableform Control for TM145 Lot 4801 and Above Troubleshooting E5108
ECA/EPA 138 Sequence

Training Manuals;
Manual #
Brakes BR120
Principles of Electricity ET100
Schematics and Components ET101
Batteries and Chargers ET102
Introduction to SCR ET103
Electric Truck Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the EV1 Control ET201
Troubleshooting the EV100 Control ET202
Troubleshooting the EV T5 Control ET204
Troubleshooting the EV T15 Control ET205
Troubleshooting the EV T100 Control ET206
Troubleshooting the CTS 450 Control ET207
Troubleshooting the Curtis Control ET208
Introduction to the IC Genesis Series GS200
Hydrostatic Drive HT200
Cooling and Exhaust Systems IC100
Fuel Systems IC101
Power Train Introduction IC102
Electrical Systems - IC Lift Trucks IC103
Planned Maintenance IC110
Fuel Injection Systems IC201

Planed Maintenance & Adjustment Manuals (PMA);
Model Series Manual #
C500 100/120/135 915 PMA-544
HWP40/60, P40/60 HWP465, P465 PMA-541
TM12/15S/15/20/22/25 (36 Volt) TM127 PMA-540
C500 (Y)60/70/80/S80/90/S100 (Y)685 PMA-539
C500 Y110/135/155 Y1015 PMA-534
PW15/18 PW186 PMA-525
ECA17/30, EPA20/30 E138 / EP138 PMA-510
TM12/15S (48 Volt)(Cableform) TM145 PMA-502
TM10/15S (24 Volt)(GE) TM127 PMA-501
TM10/15S (24 Volt)(Cableform) TM127 PMA-500
C500 Y60/70/80/90/100 Y685 PMA-452
ST20-40 ST245 PMA-445
C500 (Y) 20/25/S30 (Y)235 PMA-441
EC500 20/25/S30 E235 PMA-436
EC500 60/70/80 E685 PMA-432
HWP40/60, P40/60 HWP465, P465 PMA-425
NP500 35/45 NP245 PMA-424
NP300 20/30/40, NS300 20/30/40 NP246, NS246 PMA-423
TW20/25, TW30/40 TW125, TW235 PMA-422
EC500 30-55 E355 PMA-418
C500-Y110/135/155 Y1015 PERKINS PMA-403
EC500 Y60/70 EY685 PMA-399
EC500 90/100/120 E912 PMA-398
C500 (Y)35/40/45/50/55/S60 (Y)355 PMA-391
C300-Y40/60 466 PMA-389
EC500 20/25/S30 E235 PMA-386
EC500 30-55 E355 PMA-383
UT40/60D Utility Truck PMA-375
NP300 20/30/40 NS300 20/30/40 NP246, NS246 PMA-374
C500 100/120/135, C500-Y110/135/155 915, Y1015 PMA-355
C500 Y160/180/S200/S225/S250, C500-Y200/225/250/300 915, Y1015 PMA-354
C300-30/40/50 (LPG) 356 (LPG) PMA-346
C300-30/40/50 (Gas) 356 (GAS) PMA-345
EC500 60-80 E685 (300 Control) PMA-340
TW12-35 TW125 & TW235 PMA-334
ROS25/40 ROS25/40 PMA-322
C500 Y60-80 Y685 PMA-276
C500 30-55 355 (Waukesha Diesel) PMA-275
C500 30-55 355 (LPG) PMA-274
C500 30-55 355 (Gas) PMA-273
C500 20-S30 235 (Gas) PMA-270
C500 20-S30 235 (LPG) PMA-256

Overhaul Manuals (OH);
Model Series Manual #
C500 100/120/135 915 OH-544
TM12/15S/15/20/22/25 (36 Volt) TM247 OH-540
C500 (Y)60/70/80/S80/90/S100 (Y)685 OH-539
DPR 20/25/30 DPR 20/25/30 OH-533
PW15/18 PW186 OH-525
TM10/15S (24 Volt) TM127 OH-500
C, CF, CY and CFY 30-50 C, CF, CY and CFY 30-50 OH-442
NP300 20/30/40 NS300 20/30/40 NP246, NS246 OH-437
C500 100/120/135 915 OH-430
EC500 30/35/40/45/50/55 E355 OH-420
IT60/70/80 IT581 OH-390
EC500 20/25/S30 E235 OH-386
C300-30/40/50 356 OH-381
EC500 60-80 E685 OH-377
C500(Y)30-55 60-80 (Y)355 & (Y) 685 OH-370
C500 (Y) 20/25/S30 (Y)235 OH-367
IT30/40 IT355 OH-366
C500 (Y)60/70/80/S80/90/S100 (Y)685 OH-362
C500 Y180/350 Y2030 OH-354D
C500 (Y)30-55 (Y)355 OH-339
TW 20/40 TW 20/40 OH-334
NST, NS, NSP 20/30/40 NST, NS, NSP 20/30/40 OH-327
S, SP 20/30/40 S, SP 20/30/40 OH-321

Maintenance Manuals for Older CLARK Products;
Model Series Manual #
C500 HY 160-300D HY1625, HY2030 O-302
C500-Y160-S250 & C500-Y200-300 Y1625D & Y2030D O-300
C500 (H)(Y)100-150D (H)915, (H)Y1015 O-299
C500 H(Y)130-150 H915, HY1015 O-297
C500 (Y)130-150 915, Y1015 O-259
C(Y) 60-70-80 C(Y) 60-70-80 O-255
C500 H(Y)60-70-80 H685 / HY685 O-253-2
C(Y)500 60/80 685 / Y685 O-230-1
Clarktor "6" Clarktor "6" No. 1637
Clarktor-80 Clarktor-80 O-173
C20,25B,20BP,CS30 C20,25B,20BP,CS30 O-160-1
CY CHY 100 120 140 CY CHY 100 120 140 O-153
CH(Y)60-80, CF(Y)60-80 CH(Y)60-80, CF(Y)60-80 O-131-1
C(Y)60-70-80 C(Y)60-70-80 O-126
CY150B / CY300B CY150B / CY300B O-B88-2
RHY 140-220, CFY / CHY 150-300 RHY 140-220, CFY / CHY 150-300 O-B83-2
CF30B-50B, CLFR40 CF30B-50B, CLFR40 O-B81
CF30B-50B, CLFR40 CF30B-50B, CLFR40 O-C81-2
GRM20-30 M375 SM-5113
CTM10-20 / CEM10-20 CTM145 SM-5167
CGP/CDP 16-50H Hydrostatic SM-5190
Tri-Loader Side Loading Attachment 280
Yardlift 20 Y20 No. 1
Clipper CEC-431 CR & Above A3
12,000 Powershift Transmission 12,000 Powershift Transmission 12000
18,000 Powershift Transmission 18,000 Powershift Transmission 18000
28,000 Powershift Transmission 28,000 Powershift Transmission 28000
Mitsubishi 4G54 - 2.6 Liter Engine Group 00, Section 02 Engine Overhaul OH-521
Carloader (1938 - 1947) Parts and Maintenance Manual CL-1698
Clarkat "C", "D" & "E" Code 19

Clark Repair Procedures Video MP4


150 USD



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 Data of update:  3/2014
 Price:  150 USD

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