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Honda General 2018 description of the catalogue:

Spare parts catalog HONDA EPC GENERAL contains the full information on automobiles GENERAL MARKET with the left and right arrangement of a rudder (except for models for the Japanese market), since 1982. To increase any illustration, it is enough to click on the right button of "mouse".

Avalable languages - English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian

Next models available in spare parts catalog Honda General 2017
2.5TL 1995-1998 (KU)
3.2TL 1996-2003 (KU)
3.5RL 1996-2004 (KU)
Accord 2 Doors 1982-1989 (KA, KE, KL, KP, KQ, KT, KU, KD)
Accord 4 Doors 1982-2017 (FO, ID, KA, KD, KG, KE, KH, KL, KP, KQ, KS, KT, KU, KW, KY, KZ, MA, NZ, TH)
Accord Aerodeck 1994-1997 (KE)
Accord Coupe 1994-1997 (KA, KH)
Accord Euro Tourer 2009-2016 (KQ)
Accord Hybrid 2014-2017 (ID, KD, KF, KQ, MA, TH)
Accord Tourer 2012-2015 (KG)
Accord Wagon 1991-1997 (KA, KQ)
Acty Truck 1983-1987 (KD, KE, KP, KT, KU)
Acty Van 1983-1987 (KD, KE, KP, KQ, KT, KU)
Amaze 2014-2016 (ID)
BR-V 2016-2017 (ID, IN, KZ, MA, PH, TH)
Brio 2012-2017 (ID, IN, KN, PH, TH)
Brio Amaze 2014-2016 (KN, PH, TH)
City 3D 1984-1987 (NZ, KQ)
City 4D 1996-2017 (FO, ID, KF, KQ, KN, KU, KY, KZ, MA, PA, PH, SI, TH, TW, VT)
City CNG 2012-2017 (TH)
City ZX 2007-2008 (ID, TH)
Civic 3D 1982-2011 (KQ, KT, KG, KU, MA, TH, TW, KA, NZ, PH, IN)
Civic 4D 1982-2016 (FO, ID, IN, KA, KE, KD, KJ, KG, KH, KP, KQ, KS, KT, KU, KY, KW, MA, NZ, PA, PH, TH, TR, TW, VT)
Civic 5D 1982-2016 (KD, KE, KP, KQ, KT, KU)
Civic Coupe 1993-2000 (KA, KE, KP, KQ, KT, KH)
Civic CRX 2D 1992-1997 (KE, KQ, KT, KY, KP)
Civic CRX 3D 1984-1991 (KE, KQ, KY)
Civic Hybrid 2002-2015 (KD, KQ, KH, KU, KZ, KS, PH, TH, MA)
Civic Shuttle 1984-1995 (KD, KT, KE, KP, KU, NZ)
Civic Wagon 1982-1989 (KQ)
Concerto 4D 1989-1991 (KT)
Concerto 5D 1989-1991 (KT, KQ)
CR-V 1996-2016 (FO, IN, KQ, KU, MA, PH, TH, VT, KW, KD, KK, TW)
CR-V I-DTEC 2014-2016 (KQ)
CR-Z 2012-2016 (KD, KH, KP, KQ, KU, KZ)
CROSSTOUR 2013-2014 (KD)
Domani 1997-1998 (KH)
FIT 2009-2017 (FO)
FR-V 2007-2009 (KU)
FREED 2010-2017 (KU, IN)
Honda HR-V 5D 2015-2016 (ID)
Honda Mobilo 5D 2015-2016 (IN)
Honda Pilot 5D 2010-2016 (KD, KY)
HR-V 3D 1999-2002 (KG, KE, KQ, KT, KU, KY)
HR-V 5D 2000-2017 (FO, KB, KD, KE, KG, KP, KQ, KT, KU, KY, KZ, MA, TH)
Insight 3D 2001-2004 (KQ, KT)
Insight 5D 2011-2014 (KD, KH, KP, KQ, KT, KU)
Inspire 1999 (KH, KN)
Integra 3D 1986-2006 (KQ, KU)
Integra 4D 1992-2001 (KD, KT, KU)
Integra 5D 1986-1988 (KE)
Jade 5D 2015 (KU)
Jazz 3D 1984-1985 (KE, KP)
Jazz 5D 2002-2017 (ID, IN, KG, KP, KQ, KN, KU, KY, KZ, MA, TH)
Jazz Hybrid 2012-2015 (KE, KQ, MA, TH)
Legend 1986-2012 (KD, KQ, KN, KT, KW, KZ, KF, KU, KP, KE)
Legend Coupe 1988-1995 (KQ, KT, KU, KE)
Logo 1999-2000 (KU)
MDX 2003-2006 (KQ)
Mobilio 2015-2016 (ID, KN, KU, PH, TH)
NSX 1991-2017 (KE, KQ, KU)
Odyssey 1995-2016 (KD, KF, KP, KQ, KU, KY, KZ)
Pilot 2007-2009 (KX, KY)
Prelude 1983-2001 (KQ, KT, KU)
Quintet 1982-1983 (KD, KE, KT)
Ridgeline 2009-2014 (KK)
RL 2007-2010 (KH)
RSX 2002-2006 (KU)
S2000 2000-2009 (KQ, KU)
Step WGN 3D 1996-2005 (KU)
Step WGN 5D 1996-2016 (KU, KZ)
Stream 2001-2013 (KU)
Vezel 5D 2015-2016 (KU)
Vigor 1993-1998 (KU)
WR-V 5D 2017 (ID)
WR-V Diesel 5D 2017 (ID)


50 USD



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Conflict Honda General 2018 with other catalogues:

Not work together with Honda Europe and Honda Moto

 Region:   Asia, China
 Languages:  English, Chinese
 OS:  VISTA, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win98, Windows 8/10 x32/x64, WinJapan, WinNT, WinXP
 Quantity of CD:  1 DVD
 Data of update:  6/2018
 Price:  50 USD

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