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Hino Truck 2017 description of the catalogue:

For work with the catalogue Hino EPC Truck it is necessary to know mark and a body number of the automobile{car} (from the log or from the table of a body). Hino EPC Manual

Today Hino Motors Ltd. Has only in Japan 8 factories, including the basic Hamura plant on which it is borrowed{occupied} more than 10 thousand person. The assembly enterprises in Malaysia, on Philippines, China, Thailand, the USA, Ireland, Egypt, Pakistan are open and operate. The volume of release makes about 100000 units of lorries and buses in one year. Such parameter allows to count Hino one of the basic manufacturers of cargo technics{technical equipment} in the world. In more than 100 countries of the world machines under this mark are maintained. By quantity{amount} of lorries Hino let out{released} in Japan takes the third place and if to take in attention only heavy lorries in full weight over 16 tons, here Hino the leader. In the homeland Hino is also the leader in development and introduction of various innovations in motor industry. Recently it is a lot of efforts designers Hino apply for creation of maximum safe vehicles for an environment

Smart Runner DUTRO - easy lorries in full weight of 4250-7500 kg, wheel formulas 4х2.
RANGER-PRO - an extensive series of lorries in full weight. Series FC, FJ, GC, GK, FG, FE, GD, GX, FX, FD. Full weight of 7900-14000 kg. Wheel formulas basically 4х2 and 4х4, are and 6х4.
Super Dolphin PROFIA TERAVIE Series FS, FQ, FR, FN, GN, FH, FW, FQ. Full weight of 15900-24900 kg. Wheel formulas 4х2, 6х2, 6х4 and 8х4.
Super Dolphin PROFIA. In this series lorries for work enter main tractors SH (4x2) and SS (6х4), and also in structure of lorry convoy FN (6х2).


100 USD



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 Region:   Japan
 Languages:  English, Japanese
 OS:  VISTA, Win7 x32, Win98, Windows 8/10 x32/x64, WinJapan, WinNT, WinXP
 Quantity of CD:  1 DVD
 Data of update:  8/2017
 Price:  100 USD

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